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The El Dorado Enigma

The El Dorado Enigma

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The search for the legendary lost city of gold leads to ancient mysteries and a dangerous cult hell-bent on getting there first . . . to find it means death.

Ryan Bodean and Megan Simmons are joining a new team on a mission to stop the Illuminati and their quest for the lost city of El Dorado. But the cult has not come for gold; they seek a more valuable prize: the power and influence that comes with being the new Zipa chief of the ancient Muisca . . . and the fortune that could reshape the world.

Across the globe, Ryan and Megan will find new friends but will lose others. Will the search for El Dorado be the end of them all?

This is an action-packed, seductive action/adventure set across exotic locations.

Readers of James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, and Dan Brown will LOVE this series. Pick up a copy, put the phone on silent, and lock the door—this is going to be an all-nighter!

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