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Stealing Savannah

Stealing Savannah

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Steal a painting, kill the artist, sell for millions...
Ocean's Eleven meets Magnum P.I. in this wild murder mystery!

When plucky Troy Clint Bodean returns home from his day job scooting tourists around on the Savannah River, he finds his roommate, Tayler Evan, hanging from the rafters. Oops! But Tayler, hot new artist student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, has everything going for him. He's in all the up-and-coming artist buzz blogs and his painting is featured in all the "you need to buy this" art journals.

And then his painting he called Savannah Smiling disappears, stolen from its home at the Jepson Museum.

Someone is looking to push the value of the painting into the stratosphere by having its artist turn up... dead. Suspects (zany in true Troy fashion) begin popping up all over and before long, the pieces start to click together for Troy. Whodunit? That's for Troy... and you... to find out.

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