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Shark Bait

Shark Bait

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A dead maid found in a closet full of drugs and money, a multi-million dollar mansion with a shady group of owners trying to elect the next Governor of Massachusetts and a couple of has-been strippers looking to make a quick buck.

What do they all have in common? Who knows, but you can be sure Troy Bodean will wind up in the middle of it all.

He's back and livin' large on Martha's Vineyard when all the dirty dealings begin. He's lost one girlfriend but maybe found another. And the multi-million dollar house he's shacking up in just so happens to have a dead body stuck in a closet. Who committed the dastardly deed? The powerful political players, of course... but why?

He's going to need some help to get through this one. Whom can he turn to? Could it be Daisy Mae and Ellie Mae Gallup, the twin sister strippers with the alleged love child of Troy? Yup. Hold onto your hats, this is going to be one wild ride.

You don't want to miss this! Shark Bait revisits the zany suspenseful mastery of Troy's first Tropical Thriller and blows the roof off.

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