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Gator Bite

Gator Bite

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A mobster-chomping gator. A drifter on a rampage. One or both is coming for Troy!

Troy Bodean hopes that the picturesque Islamorada gives him the rest he desperately seeks.

But there’s a surly mama gator terrorizing the quirky island town. She’s killed a mafia boss’s son, a cross-dressing dancer from Key West, and a Fantasy Fest tourist all in one week. The feds and a nosy, local journalist think it’s the work of the infamous Cowboy Killer—wanted for a murderous rampage up and down the coast.

Leave it to Troy Bodean to get tangled up in this mangrove of a mess and become the scapegoat for all the dead bodies piling up. Yup, you guessed, it, everyone thinks he’s the notorious killer in the hat.

If the reporter catches him, he’ll be on the front page.
If the authorities catch him, he’ll go to jail.
If the Caparelli Mob catches him, he’ll be at the bottom of the gulf in a pair of concrete shoes.
But none of them will get him if the gator gets him first.

The climax explodes with the side-splitting mayhem that is a David Berens hallmark. Gator Wave is 8th book in the Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller series. If you love Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, and Elmore Leonard, you’ll love David Berens’s biggest, most entertaining Florida Fiction tale yet.

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