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Blight House

Blight House

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An abandoned lighthouse, a missing twin sister, and a deranged tennis pro about to go serial…

Troy Bodean is back and living large on the island of Key Biscayne, Florida and he’s made some new friends: Gino - the LOLA dancing bartender from down at the Sonesta Resort, Mindy Colpiller - the rich twin daughter of Millionaire mogul Jack Colpiller, and his Aussie-wannabe boss, Don.

Life is good until Mindy’s twin sister disappears and won’t answer her phone. Daddy dearest, Jack, is convinced that she’s off on another gypsy road-trip, but Mindy’s not so sure. He hires a quirky, yet effective private investigator to find her, but Mindy thinks Troy can do a better job—so she asks him to help.

Gentleman that he is, Troy says yes. But that's when Mindy goes missing, too. Can Troy save the day and find out what's happened to the Colpiller girls without running afoul of the cops, the private investigator, and everyone else looking for them?

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