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Beirut Hurt

Beirut Hurt

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Chris Collins is a smart man, but he made one big mistake.

He thought getting into the private security game after retiring from the CIA would move him a step away from danger. He was wrong.

When his work takes him into a world run by a vicious warlord who lives to inflict pain and misery, the rules of engagement do not exist. No act is too cruel, and nothing is off limits.

Worse still, Collins is not the only target. Other ex-military personnel and their families are in the firing line, and time to save them is running out.

This is a page-turner thriller packed with non-stop action across exotic locations.

Here's what other readers have said about the Chris Collins CIA Thriller series. You'll laugh some, you'll cry some, you'll hold your breath, and then you'll hope to hell he survives for another adventure.

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